Saturday, October 12, 2013

Next Move to Somewhere

It's time for the next adventure. I'm on the other side of time after the
Great Art Exhibit is up and I have a chance to breathe again and look
around. OK that wasn't a good idea, the looking-around part. Terrible
disorder that built up while all I did day and night was paint. Now it's
time for cleanup and I have another caveat that's pretty much
determined what my next adventure will be (against my will I might
add). My apartment building is being remodeled and I've been
strongly encouraged by building management to plan on moving
out so they can remodel the unit I'm in.

I'd really really thought the last move would be it. the last move ever. I'd
planned to make my final stand here and say Enough. This is where I
ended up and so be it. Last stand last move. Wrong. So now my next
adventure is to start packing . . . again. And I don't really even know
where I'm moving to - another space in this same building or another
building altogether. All I know is that the pain of moving is upon me.
Forced declutter and the heartbreak of letting go of some treasured
items. Putting things in boxes in some kind of order that makes sense
at the time but I can never find later. There's still things from the last
move that I haven't found. I must be out by the end of Feb so that
sounds like a good amount of time to get this all together. It never
seems to be that easy. I don't want to do this. I must do this. Once
everything is packed then the answers will appear about where I'm
to go live next. Everything will turn out the way it's going to turn out.
And then I'll know . . .

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