Thursday, May 16, 2013


Ch-ch-ch-choices, not changes
So here's a few thoughts I've been contemplating about what's really important in my life lessons - it's all about choices. Because choices have consequences which lead to changes and Change is Hard. Here in my "elder years" I'm suddenly seeing how some of my choices could have totally changed the stories in my life. And some have made me think "oh I never thought of that" and it's just now becoming clear. What was I thinking? well, I wasn't . . . thinking, that is. But I am now and I can't ch-ch-change the past. 

Most of the choices we make are pretty unconscious, like what to wear, what movie to see, salt/pepper/both, mustard or mayo, etc. But even these choices have consequences - you chose not to wear your raincoat and it's pouring, the movie was too violent and was traumatic, too much salt = too much sodium, and so on. It's especially easy when you're young, to think "oh, I'll just do this for awhile. It looks fun" and then you look up again and 10 years have gone by and you suddenly have alot of regrets about how you spent that time. 

Having no choices is bad, but so is having too many options. Somewhere in between is being more conscious, more present and not just deciding something quickly so you can move on to the next thing on your multi-task list. How can we get better at this? My solution is - learn to play chess. You're never too old or too young to learn it and it willl make you more conscious about choices and consequences. And yes, I'm learning chess again now, a little bit of time with it everyday. And that will make all the difference . . .

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