Monday, May 27, 2013

Altered Photo Stairs

An Altered Life – looking through old journals, an ongoing collage telling The Stories. All the old writings in all the old journals finally cataloged and transcribed and illustrated. There’s a cast of characters all waiting to be recognized. There’s a journey to pass on to others and to be told and released and sent on its way out into the universe. Who knows what will happen to it – on and on and on across the universe. We all have our spark of light that’s always been there even when things got really dark and there was no hope. It’s all just always been about the story. Each person’s story adds to the whole and really matters, even if you can no longer see that by yourself. Love the journals. Because even when the story is too dark to be said out loud, it can be whispered to your journal. Life-saver savior. Journals send their healing tendrils out to twine within your heart and bring you back again. Love the journals. Keep doing the journals you have begun or just begin one now. Journals matter . . .

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