Thursday, April 4, 2013

Small Increments of Time and Effort

Landscapes in watercolor. Have been experimenting and the last one painted a leaf right in the middle. These are studies for some larger work that I'll share with you later as they progress more in what I'm working towards. I have an art show coming up in mid-Sept so this is my primary focus right now, building a body of work. Oh boy what a process. I have canvases lined up by my bookcase and just go by and paint layers on all of them, let it dry and then paint more layers. Art is created in small increments of time and effort. Except for the weekends when I'm home from the dayjob and have all those daylight hours to work. Generally I make myself pretty crazy in doing that and forget to sit down or, if sitting down, forget to stand up and don't really stop working until it's usually a question of - I wonder if I can ever move again? Paralysis by art - is that a new disability? So even tho the weekends provide more hours, it's hard to stop working compulsively and I think more effective if I limited the amount of time spent on paintings already started and just begin some new ones instead. Based on weekend exhaustion I'm starting to really really value the small bits of time during the week. What's your process? Do you work on things in bits and pieces of time or do you devote lots of hours at one sitting? I'd love to know . . .

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