Monday, April 29, 2013

I Thought I Saw

You never know what you may see . . . this weekend while driving to get coffee, I found myself following a car with a pair of sneakers on the roof. Yes, just sitting there on the roof of the car not moving due to the skid proof soles. I tried to speed up to get alongside and what? Point to the roof? How do you tell this to someone while you're both driving? But they turned at the next exit and I lost them. So I'm hoping the shoes stayed put until they stopped and then they'd have a big surprise. Silly me, I just looked at all this and didn't even attempt to take a cell phone picture. Why do I always think of this afterwards? Anyhoo it wouldn't have been a good idea since we were both, y'know, driving. So there you have it in another one of those "you  never know what you're going to see" moments. What do you think? Seen anything crazy lately?

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