Monday, February 4, 2013


First Layer in a series of multiples. Whenever I start something new I put down a huge amount of different layers before ever getting to the final composition. How many? I usually lose count. This image has only about six layers so far I think. It already has some stamping along the bottom. Other layers to come will have some more stamping (different kinds) and alot alot of stencil work and probably a bit of lettering or handwriting here and there. It used to be that I'd add in some collage but I don't do that so much as I used to, at least not on paintings. I've been practicing making the paint do different effects instead. Which is not to say that I don't still do collage, but in a different format now. The cool thing about layers is that it's just FUN and nothing but Playtime to do them. That's why I lose track of how many I do. Do you use layers in your work? Do you lose track of them like me?

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