Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Give Them Orchids

Give them orchids, lots of orchids. This is from a photograph I'm altering by painting. There's always more to do but wanted to give you a new image to see. I was minding my own business and all of a sudden an onset of the flu moved in, despite having a flu shot already. Have heard this happened to alot of folks but you never think it will never be you. OK then, my philosophy is illness may knock me down but I get back up again and keep trying keep trying keep trying. Some very wonderful lovely bestest person sent me these orchids when they heard I was sick. I'm speechless with gratitude. So took a pic right away and propped myself up at the worktable with the resulting printout. Has kept me happily preoccupied and not thinking about how I feel and therein lies the blessing. Thank you K, I love you bunches and this painting is for you . . .

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