Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunny in Seattle

Weather update - for a few days (don't tell anyone) the weather in Seattle was sunny and so bright we all felt like moles coming up from the underground and staggering around blinded. It has been bitterly cold, much more "sink into your bones" cold than the temperature reflects. But that coldness has lent a clarity to the air and we can see snow covered mountains with amazing details and clear out almost to the Straits. The sky is so blue that it's like you've never seen blue before and find it impossible to describe the exquisite shade of it. 

But this too has passed and now we have fog which has obscured everything, all buildings, people, sky and there's no horizon anymore. If you dare to step outside you'll be greeted by (what feels like) a gale force wind that's freezingly cold and rain that's blown every which way sideways and has killed most every umbrella in town. So in weather like that you find us all inside reading books, making art, writing music and countless other creative pursuits. That's how we get things done. And it all gets thrown down and abandoned whenever the sun comes out again and we all run outside. If you live someplace where the sun shines almost all of the time, how do you get any creative work done? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Give Them Orchids

Give them orchids, lots of orchids. This is from a photograph I'm altering by painting. There's always more to do but wanted to give you a new image to see. I was minding my own business and all of a sudden an onset of the flu moved in, despite having a flu shot already. Have heard this happened to alot of folks but you never think it will never be you. OK then, my philosophy is illness may knock me down but I get back up again and keep trying keep trying keep trying. Some very wonderful lovely bestest person sent me these orchids when they heard I was sick. I'm speechless with gratitude. So took a pic right away and propped myself up at the worktable with the resulting printout. Has kept me happily preoccupied and not thinking about how I feel and therein lies the blessing. Thank you K, I love you bunches and this painting is for you . . .

Monday, February 4, 2013


First Layer in a series of multiples. Whenever I start something new I put down a huge amount of different layers before ever getting to the final composition. How many? I usually lose count. This image has only about six layers so far I think. It already has some stamping along the bottom. Other layers to come will have some more stamping (different kinds) and alot alot of stencil work and probably a bit of lettering or handwriting here and there. It used to be that I'd add in some collage but I don't do that so much as I used to, at least not on paintings. I've been practicing making the paint do different effects instead. Which is not to say that I don't still do collage, but in a different format now. The cool thing about layers is that it's just FUN and nothing but Playtime to do them. That's why I lose track of how many I do. Do you use layers in your work? Do you lose track of them like me?