Saturday, January 5, 2013

Market Day

Day trip to the market on a rare sunny day to start off the new year. This is painting on a photo I took while browsing and breathing and freezing. It's taking awhile to come out of the holiday stupor, blinded by the joy and fury of the season and rushing about to various locations just to be together. And back to the routine of the day job and coming home in complete darkness that made this sunny picture seem like a dream. Meanwhile my deadline to finish the Sketchbook Project is rapidly approaching and I still have miles to go before it's done. Of course it wouldn't be Really Sage if I'd finished it last November or some other early date. Telling you about this in writing here on this blog means that I WILL finish it and not just give up and let it go. Is there anyone else out there who's finishing their SB project too? Pleez send me a comment and let me know I'm not all alone out here . . .

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