Monday, January 28, 2013

Currently January 2013

Here's a couple of things I've been working on. Short post. More later . . . 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Basic Blues

Painting just begun in basic blue and then combined with a photocollage seems like a good journal background. Not much to say right now, having some health issues and resistance to doing much of anything in January. It's freezing here and the sole intent is just to get to the next warm place which usually involves quantities of coffee. A few times every year I allow myself the comfort books and so I'm currently re-reading A Wrinkle in Time. What? Yes it's a children's book but I still love it so re-read it. Do you have a favorite children's book? Remember: Leaving a comment is always a good idea!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sneaking Up on Procrastination
an 8-Step program
walk past your worktable
pause for a moment to see what's there
mindlessly rearrange a few things and
   straighten just a bit
go do something else
walk past your worktable
make a clear space in the middle
go do something else
walk past your worktable
go hunting and gathering for a few supplies for
   what you want to do next
put a pile of these supplies on your worktable
go do something else
walk past your worktable
rearrange the pile of supplies there
go do something else
walk past your worktable
sit down and stare at the supplies
put whatever is the first step
   (a blank piece of paper or canvas)
    out into the middle
think about what you want to do
go do something else
walk past your worktable
sit down and add something to your project,
   some dabs of paint, some marks,
   some collage
keep doing this for 15 minutes and
   don't stop moving your hands
go do something else
walk past your worktable
make some marks
go do something else
goto your worktable
sit there for awhile
make some more marks if you
   feel like it
just practice sitting in the space and
    feeling good about it
go do something else

repeat steps as needed, maybe all in one day or over a week or . . . 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Market Day

Day trip to the market on a rare sunny day to start off the new year. This is painting on a photo I took while browsing and breathing and freezing. It's taking awhile to come out of the holiday stupor, blinded by the joy and fury of the season and rushing about to various locations just to be together. And back to the routine of the day job and coming home in complete darkness that made this sunny picture seem like a dream. Meanwhile my deadline to finish the Sketchbook Project is rapidly approaching and I still have miles to go before it's done. Of course it wouldn't be Really Sage if I'd finished it last November or some other early date. Telling you about this in writing here on this blog means that I WILL finish it and not just give up and let it go. Is there anyone else out there who's finishing their SB project too? Pleez send me a comment and let me know I'm not all alone out here . . .