Monday, November 12, 2012

Change of Habit

Change is Good Change is Your Friend - that was my slogan for years and years when I was a computer trainer and I had it posted in my training room to help students through software upgrades that threatened to change the way they did everything essential to their jobs. It was meant to be a kindof subliminal message as they zoned out occasionally while listening to my oh-so-calm voice talking them through the new procedures. Well many's the time I tell you truly when I've had those words thrust right back at me, challenging me to accept changes in my own life. Yeah it doesn't just apply to software. So after doing the 30 days of art I find now that a day just doesn't feel right if I'm not doing some kindof painting, so a new habit has been forged. I stop and look at my worktable and dab on a bit of color here and there and the next thing you know I'm well into it and where did the time go? So this all ties into my belief that if you commit to doing something, anything, it Will Change You. The hard part is the Commitment, the hard part is Starting and how many times have you heard that before? like a million times probably but then one day you just Start and that makes all the difference . . .

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