Monday, October 22, 2012

30 Days of Art - Day 22

30 Days of Art - Day 22 hand carved stamp luxurious reds and contrasting colors, a little spray paint and a stencil, meanwhile we had the Seattle run through of rain, hail, heavy winds, lightning, a little snow and inexplicably a funnel cloud that touched down twice, temperatures have dropped into the 40s and feels even colder yes, that was all in one day - is that why I chose that spring green color? artists can control their own environments even if we're painting while wearing fingerless gloves . . .


  1. Jann ill be so sad when 30 days is over - I have enjoyed seeing your paintings so very much

  2. Thanks Kathy, 7 days to go but I'm going to do one more on Halloween just to end the whole month. Can U guess what colors will be in it?