Monday, September 24, 2012

Focus on Painting

Revelation Epiphany Insight Light Bulb - so a very wise person asked me what kind of artwork I liked doing the most and I immediately answered "Painting" then the wise person said so where are your paintings? It slowly dawned on me that's what I love the most but it's what I spend the least amount of time doing. So I opted out of the Holiday Crafts Fair and the chotchky craftsy but still artsy things I was making for it and have decided to change my focus to primarily Painting. Back to where I should be. In art school I was a painter and my first real job was at Hallmark Cards. My portfolio was reviewed and I was accepted to be a Designer. Then just before my start date they realized I only had a 2 year degree instead of the full 4 years so I went to work in a different department. I've been doubting myself ever since then and didn't truly realize it until now. So you will start seeing alot of painting and no more jewelry, bookmaking, assemblage, beadwork, or any other of the countless crafts I've been hiding behind all these years. This is very scary exciting but feels right. The Great Painting Adventure begins now, second star to the right and straight on till morning

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