Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Map Me Home Again

Map Me Home Again magpie cardinal find the way back, fly scrape and claw, do the work, an act of sheer will to make it happen, these words from Margaret Atwood, the great divine poet, capture so perfectly this part of the journey

Year of the Hen
This is the year of sorting,
of throwing out, of giving back,
of sifting through the heaps, the piles,
the drifts, the dunes, the sediments,
. . . 
the junk, in other words, 
that's blown in here, or else been saved
or else has eddied, or been thrown
my way by unseen waves

everything speckled, faded, jumbled
together like - let's say - this bowl
of miscellaneous pebbles gathered
age after age on beaches now
eroded or misplaced, but scooped up then
and fingered for their beauty,
and pocketed, space-time crystals
lifted from once indelible days.

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