Sunday, April 29, 2012


Honey I’m home . . . and I bought some more books! The bookcase groans piteously. You see, I am a bookaholic. Today I went to the Library sale, held in a warehouse full of hundreds of luscious used books. I swear alarms and sirens should go off when I show up. I shouldn’t be permitted to even enter and acquire any more books. I’ve been told I have too many – what nonsense! That’s like saying a person could have too many art supplies – impossible! Well I did use some judgment and only bought a few books, granted they were the heaviest ones possible. But they were treasures and shouldn’t have been left homeless. Anyhoo, my love of books is so great that I even make my own. The pix above are from one of many books  that I’ve made. You’ll see more as we go along.

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