Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Collaged Fabric Postcards

Awhile ago in the midst of clearing some clutter, I found a forgotten fabric stash. We sat happily together and it seemed to start breathing, feeling the light of day after being buried and lost for so long, colors vibrant leaped out and began dancing on the walls so I began a series of fabric postcards collaged using fragments of silk, old kimonos and various batik and ethnic prints, then embellished with bits of velvet and sari. Wish you could reach out and touch them. The two images below are part of the series and here’s a couple more . . .

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Only Too Late If You Don't Start

Years of procrastination, coulda shoulda didnt, and now the Big Debut, and finding out alot of things and a handful of health issues and aging but who cares, just want to chronicle the Big Journey, bumbling stumbling, running scared to get right here and now. There’s been a lot of work created – art has saved me – and I have a lot of anxiety about it never being seen so I’m putting it – slowly but surely – on this blog to keep it safe and make it visible. This is my first blog entry, so here goes! Has art saved you too?